Here Is Reason Why You Should Stop Eating Hot Dog Immediately

You like your hot dog with a lot of ketchup and mustard? Even though you may like it, this delicious meal is not good for your body.

You are asking why?
We have listed some of the negative effects hot dogs have on your organism and overall health

Here Is Reason Why You Should Stop Eating Hot Dog

1. Hot Dogs Create Fat

Hot dogs are something your nutritionist would not recommend because they contain a lot of calories. In combination with the bread made of white flour, add another 100 calories which directly turn into belly fat.

2. Hot Dogs Are Full of Salt

All types of hot dogs are full of sodium and fat. There is not something you could consider as a healthy hot dog, not only because it creates fat, but also because it brings large amounts of sodium in the body, which is not healthy at all.

3. Chicken Hot Dogs Are Not Healthy

If you choose chicken and turkey hot dogs because you think they contain less fat, you may be even right, but you have to be careful, because producers instead of fat usually add salt. Turkey hot dogs contain 2 g of saturated fat and 99 calories, but also 500mg of salt, while chicken hot dogs contain even 600 mg salt, which is a third of the recommended daily intake.

4. Hot Dogs Are Full of Nitrate

Producers often add nitrites and nitrates, additives that prolong the shelf life of this products. The increased intake of sodium nitrate is associated to the increased risk of cancer.

5. Hot Dogs Are Not Organic

It is really difficult to find hot dogs made of meat and organically raised animals that did not received any antibiotics nor hormones.

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